What To Do While Waiting For Baby To Come

If you’re reading this, congratulations! You have most likely already braved morning sickness, round ligament pain, and that yucky sugary drink, which probably wasn’t as bad as everyone said it would be. Now you’re probably stuck with lower back pain, constant (or should I say, even MORE constant) trips to the bathroom, pressure, and constant remarks from everyone around you, wondering when you’re going to have the baby. Yeah, we know its been forever, Betty. We wish we could just pop the baby out right on your birthday, too, but it doesn’t quite work like that.

We’ve all heard that watch pots don’t boil, and to this, I say, watch babies don’t birth. (Not very catchy- but you get the idea.) When we let ourselves become anxious, nervous, and overly-excited, we can actually scare away labor hormones! (Not to mention- make it seem like that last month, or so, is a million times longer!) So, I’ve compiled a list of ten things you can do in the last stretch of your pregnancy to help pass the time.

  1. Take some bump pictures! You don’t need to hire a photographer or buy a special camera to take these! Most smartphones offer a timer, use that and selfie mode- and work it, girl!
  2. Have an “Its Time!” drill. Sounds silly, but it can really help alleviate stress to do a practice run. Make sure you have EVERYTHING in the car, and then take the drive to your hospital/birth center, and go ahead and go ALL THE WAY to where you would check in.
  3. Get a pedicure. If going to a nail salon isn’t an option, due to finances, that’s okay! Have your partner or a friend give you one, and be ‘extra’ about it! (Soak the feet in nice warm water with oils or nice soap, get a foot rub, AND painted toes!)
  4. Mop your floors, on your hands and knees, or as I like to call it- Cinderella Style! While this sounds a little bit cruel, and a little bit unusual, given that Swiffer Mops exist, this is a FANTASTIC way to get baby into the most optimal position for birthing, and has kick-started labor for countless women!
  5. Go on dates! With your friends, with your partner, with your kids, etc! It can be tricky to get this time out once baby arrives, so get it in now! (Even if its as simple as dining in at McDonald’s!)
  6. Get back in the bedroom! I know, I know. For most of us- sex at this point is a JOKE. But, it is a really great way to ripen the cervix, and to pass the time!
  7. Make some meals for after the baby comes. My husband literally transformed into Betty Crocker after our youngest was born, but not everyone is so lucky. This site has a lot of really great recipes, and tips!
  8. Check in at your hospital’s labor and delivery page on Facebook- but say nothing else. Watch your friends go NUTS. Just kidding, don’t do this. But if you do, definitely send me screenshots so I can laugh with you.
  9. Visit a La Leche League meeting! Doing so now will help you feel more comfortable reaching out after baby has arrived (because postpartum hormones are no joke!). You might even get to see them help another mama work through a breastfeeding obstacle!
  10. Write a letter to your baby. Talk about how much you love them already, how this pregnancy has gone, your cravings, and about your hopes and dreams for them. Get as sappy as you want to! Seal this letter up in a safe place and give it to them on their 18th birthday, wedding, or when they become a parent themselves!

That’s all for now! I hope this list helps you pass the time until your little one makes their debut.


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