Dads & Doulas

Did you know that doulas AREN’T just there for the birthing person?

Doulas are there to help the entire family transition from pregnancy to birth, and from birth to life with a newborn. While dads don’t experience the physical toll mothers do during birth, they are in for the same emotional roller coaster, (usually while sleep deprived) and therefore also need support! A doula can provide support for dad in the following ways:

-We ease minds.
Birth can be pretty unpredictable, and even if you’ve attended childbirth education classes, it can be easy to forget what’s normal and what’s not, when it’s happening to you and your spouse. Every birth is different, but an experienced doula will be able to explain what’s going on throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

-You can take a breather.
When your spouse is in the midst of labor, it can feel rude to leave to grab a bite, go to the bathroom, or even take a quick nap, especially if she’s relying on you to cope with contractions! A doula can step in and give you a break, so you can be more present, and enjoy the birth more.

-We can help you help her.
Birth can get intense, and sometimes it’s hard to know how to help when we see our loved ones uncomfortable or in pain. A doula can offer you suggestions on how to provide comfort throughout labor, as well as give you ideas of what to say, or what NOT to say.

-We don’t forget.
If you’ve ever been asked by your spouse to grab something from the store and then forgotten that one thing- you know how invaluable this alone can be. Doulas take special note of their client’s birth plans, and make sure that all of the details are honored, whenever possible.

-We don’t replace you.
A doula never ever replaces, or gets in the way of the spouse during birth. We are there to hold space for you during the birth of your child. We are there for you when you need us, and we melt into the background when you don’t.

So there you have it- Doulas are for Dads, too!



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