Six Different Kinds of Birth Stories To Get You Inspired

When you’re pregnant, its common to hear birth horror stories, as well as everything that can possibly go wrong during labor. I think its incredibly important to surround yourself with POSITIVE stories about birth as you prepare to go through it yourself. I found six completely different birth videos from around the web that demonstrate that no matter how it happens: Birth can be beautiful.

Emerson’s Birth Day (Unmedicated Birth):

This was a very speedy unmedicated hospital birth, with lots of sweet new baby footage showing how precious the first few hours after birth really are.

Birth Story of Molly Grace (Birth with an Epidural) :

A beautiful couple talking about their journey through pregnancy along with clips of their labor and delivery. Definitely grab your tissues for this one!

Powerful Homebirth (Unassisted Homebirth):

This video truly captures how strong women are. If her birth roar doesn’t give you goosebumps, absolutely nothing will.

Welcome Baby Sullivan! (Cesarean Birth):

I love this video, so much! It shows how positive, peaceful and beautiful even unplanned cesarean births can still be!

Aria’s Breeched Water Birth:

First of all- how powerful was this mama, and how amazing was this Daddy during labor? They worked together so beautifully! Baby is a little quiet right at first, (as is normal for some babes after birth) but perks right up and takes right to breastfeeding. What an amazing birth! (Watch all the way to the end for some giggles.)

Albie’s Birth Story (Planned Cesarean Birth):

A beautiful video showing what one can expect from a planned cesarean birth. Video focuses on mom during the procedure, so don’t worry about graphic images. Stay tuned until the end to see the sweetest introduction to brother and sister.

At the end of the day, the specifics don’t matter so much. Every birth is the beginning of new life. And because of that- every birth is magical, no matter how it happens.

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