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Courtney Biber, Doula

I’m Courtney. I’m a mom of three and a Certified Birth Doula through DONA International. I came to understand the importance of community and empathy as I navigated the waters of pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood. My own transition through those chapters in life taught me that even the strongest mothers need support, often in the way of encouragement and gentle touch. My experiences, as well as my passion for birth, led me to become a professional doula. I believe every woman deserves to feel safe and empowered throughout their birth, and creating that environment for my clients is one of my specialties. When I’m not at a birth, I’m chasing my kiddos around or trying to conquer the never-ending pile of laundry needing folded.


What Is A Doula, Anyways?

35653805_2075887679401339_1019115152869425152_nThe word “doula” (pronounced do-luh) comes from the Greek word, “doule”, which means woman’s servant. While modern-day doulas are different from doules in many ways, we do still serve women in a wide variety of ways. Doulas offer their clients emotional support throughout pregnancy, often answering questions they may have about their upcoming births, and helping them to understand all of their birthing options by providing information and referrals whenever helpful. This helps pregnant women and their families create informed birth plans and feel more prepared and confident for their upcoming births. Doulas also accompany women throughout their labor, providing support in many ways, depending on client preference. Doulas often give words of affirmation and encouragement, offer suggestions for comfort measures and positions for laboring, provide physical relief in the way of massage and counter pressure, and can explain and discuss any medical procedures and practices to their clients. If the birthing family wants more information on their options, the doula can also help them acquire the information necessary to help them reach an informed decision. It is important to note, however, that doulas are not medical professionals, and therefore do not prescribe treatments or offer medical advice.